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Fotospeed Liquid Emulsion

If you have a black and white negative that you want to print onto a surface other than paper, then you ll find Fotospeed Liquid Emulsion invaluable. It allows you to print onto wood, metal, stone, glass, ceramics and fabric. A few things to note with Liquid Emulsion are that it is like using black and white paper so should be handled in darkroom conditions. This economical 250ml pack will make 1.25 litres of Liquid Emulsion and it will coat the equivalent of 125 8 x 10 prints. Normally, the dilution of LE30 is 1+2 but 1+4 solutions are achieveable (i.e.1.25 litres) by using a subbing layer first. In effect this means putting an undercoat of the solution onto the surface first, followed by a top coat.

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