VELVIA 50 120

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incredible vivid and natural colour

This hugely popular film offers incredible colour that is both vivid and natural.  A combination of precise modulation, vivid colour reproduction and excellent image quality make this the outstanding film for nature, fashion, products, interiors and artwork photography.  With an ISO speed rating of 50 this film boasts exceptional performance with excellent results in push-/pull processing for a wide range of exposures, from -0.5 to +1 stops, enabling a wider array of photo opportunities.

Fuji: custodians of slide

Fujifilm are, for the time being at least, the custodians of colour reversal / transparency ("slide") film production. "Fujichrome" is the generic brand applied to these products. They offer a range of very high-quality products which yield truly superb quality results. Even now, in 2015, you would need some very exotic digital gear to get close to the beauty and fine quality of a Fujichrome transparency. And you would need to know how to use it, and how to process the raw files properly too. So, in our view, Fujichrome transparency film may be some of the most expensive film available, but it's truly un-rivalled.

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