Film    Colour / C41    5 x 4 sheet film    Professional    FUJI PRO160NS 5X4

natural skin tones

A colour negative film with an ISO160 speed, ideal for photographers looking for natural skin tones, and is especially suited to portraiture, weddings and offers a lower contrast negative. The film boasts very fine grain, the latest emulsion technologies and Fuji's fourth colour layer providing the emulsion with great flexibility. It scans beautifully enabling the photographer all the advantages of the digital world coupled with the best of traditional film. Thanks to its well-controlled grey balance it provides a wider exposure latitude that makes it more suitable for digital scanners.

Fuji Films

Fujifilm offers a superb and very popular range of colour negative films for the professional, fine art, enthusiast and student. Typically offering a more intense colour palette than Kodak's famously natural tones, Fuji colour negative film is nevertheless very popular with portraiture, especially the 160S and 400H variants. As with other top tier manufacturers, quality is uncompromised and of the highest order.

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