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competitively priced colour negative film by Fuji

C200 is part of the Superia range of general purpose, competitively priced colour negative film by Fuji.  As of summer 2017, Fujifilm rationalised the SUPERIA line-up to include XTRA 400 and C200.  The main difference between C200 and the previous SUPERIA 200 is that C200 does not have the 4th colour layer, which was designed to combat the issues experienced when shooting under fluorescent lighting.  This feature is maintained in the current iteration of SUPERIA 400XTRA.

Offers an intense colour palette

Fujifilm offers a superb and very popular range of colour negative films for the professional, fine art, enthusiast and student. Typically offering a more intense colour palette than Kodak's famously natural tones, Fuji colour negative film is nevertheless very popular with portraiture, especially the 160S and 400H variants. As with other top tier manufacturers, quality is uncompromised and of the highest order.

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