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Superb underexposure latitude

Offers superb underexposure latitude with the ability to push to 1600 with ease. Not only is this film ideal for low light photography, but it also offers an unobtrusive romantic grain structure which the slower, grain free, portra 160 and 400 don't offer and many photographers like to utilise this: indeed, this film is often chosen by photographers because they love the look, not necessarily because of difficult lighting.

Kodak Portra Range

KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA Film delivers finer grain at all speeds thanks to Micro-Structure Optimized T-GrainĀ® Emulsions. PORTRA is very popular with professional portrait, fashion and social photographers: the photographer can totally rely on these emulsions for perfect skin tones, natural colour rendition, and the incredible exposure latitude available, ensuring there is always detail available in the negative.

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