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"capture every breathtaking detail"

“Capture every breath-taking detail” No other film, no other medium, can approach the perfection of PORTRA 160. Whether you are scanning or printing traditionally, this film will display the incredible exposure latitude associated with the very latest colour negative technology giving the photographer assurance and flexibility. Images captured with KODAK PORTRA leap out of the negative with ease, truly adding value to your photography, cutting work time and keeping all options open.


Kodak Portra Range

KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA Film delivers finer grain at all speeds thanks to Micro-Structure Optimized T-Grain® Emulsions. PORTRA is very popular with professional portrait, fashion and social photographers: the photographer can totally rely on these emulsions for perfect skin tones, natural colour rendition, and the incredible exposure latitude available, ensuring there is always detail available in the negative.

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