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The Hama Star 63 is a lightweight, sturdy aluminium tripod with a maximum height of 166cm, a max load of 4000g and a minimum height of 66cm. Suitable for camcorders and digital SLRs, this 3-section tripod comes with a 3-way tilt head and handle for making small adjustments for both landscape and portrait orientation. The head comes with a quick release plate with ¼” thread to allow quick removal of your camera and an integrated spirit level for making sure your landscape shots are level with the horizon. The tripod is equipped with a fully adjustable centre column which can be easily altered by using the crank. The Hama Star 63 also features a hook for adding additional weight in strong winds, quick-action leg locks and rubber feet to ensure a firm grip on uneven surfaces. Travel case included.Hama Star 63 Tripod:

  • Supports 4000 g (4 kg)
  • Maximum height: 166 cm
  • Minimum height: 66 cm
  • Camera tripod for non-jerky images and a steady hold on uneven surfaces, suitable for photo and video cameras
  • The 3-way tilt head allows perfect alignment for landscape and portrait shots
  • Quick-release plate with 1/4" thread for quickly changing the camera
  • Spirit level integrated into the tripod head and spirit vial at the base
  • With crank for continuous height adjustment of the centre column
  • Lockable leg braces and flexible rubber feet for a firm and steady grip on uneven surfaces
  • With the functional quick-action leg locks the tripod legs can easily and quickly be fixed at the required height or position
  • Handle
  • With hook for weighing the tripod down in strong winds and on rough terrain
  • Travel case included

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