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180 degree fisheye nikon fit

The Samyang 8 mm f/3.5 Aspherical IF MC Fish-eye is a premium quality wide angle lens. The lens is produced for cameras with the APS-C sensor.  

The construction of the lens is based on 10 elements placed in 7 optical groups. Thanks to using the aspherical hybrid lens and the newest generation multilayer anti-reflection coating, the optical parameters are maintained on the highest possible level. The aperture consists of six diaphragms and can be close to f/22. A built-in lens hood was also used here. The lens offers a 180 degrees field of view for APS-C cameras.

The 8mm Samyang is a diagonal lens of the "fish-eye" type. Thanks to this, the perceived world changes totally. All one has to do is to connect it to the body of the camera to discover a different reality. The traces of the perspective become another centem of the artistic expression. Now only your imagination can limit you.

  • Specification - f=8mm / F3.5 (FISH-EYE LENS)
  • Aperture ring - F3.5 ~ 22
  • Optical construction - 10Element in 7Groups (1 Aspherical)
  • Angle of view - 180?(APS-C)
  • Minimum focusing distance - 0.3m(1.0ft)
  • Filter size - none
  • Length - 74.8mm
  • Maximum diameter - F75.0mm
  • Weight - 417g
  • Mounts - Canon EOS, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Sony E, Four-thirds, Samsung NX
  • Lens coating - multi

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