Hama Stereo Plug 42828

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Hama 6,3 mm Male Plug, 3-pin, Stereo 42828

Ideal for connecting e.g. headphones with 3.5 mm jack to the 6.3 mm jack input of audio systems.  Resolves compatibility issues between headphones and audio equipment.

This audio adapter will enable you to connect your headphones with 3.5 mm jack plug to your music player or Hi Fi with a 6.3 mm jack socket. Simply connect the adapter plug to the music player or Hi Fi and then insert the plug end of your headphones into the adapter and you’re ready to enjoy the great sound of your music. The adapter can be used with a whole range of different music devices, including MP3 Players, walkmans and discmans and is lightweight and compact, so you won’t even notice it there! 

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