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JUST mini kit with 24mm Swabs

The Just Mini Sensor Cleaning Kit is a sensor cleaning kit for wet cleaning a sensor in an interchangeable lens camera. The kit contains 5 x Ultra Soft Micro Fibre DSLR swabs, a bottle of Sensor Solution and comprehensive step by step instructions. The kit is suitable for beginners and experienced photographers looking for a low cost kit to wet clean the sensor in their camera. Inside the kit are a set of Just's individually packaged, Ultra Soft DSLR swabs and a bottle of non-flammable, fast evaporating Sensor Solution. Clear, illustrated instructions show the photographer how to clean the sensor. Important: All sensors should be dry cleaned before wet-cleaning, to ensure any loose particles of dust are removed from the sensor prior to using a wet swab. Please refer to our guidance page link at the top of the page, or consult our help and guidance pages for a full tutorial on sensor cleaning.

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